Cristina Cardenas

You have a demon,possessing your body 

Slowly it takes over your toe, then your calf 

Creeping towards your brain,

Like a bowa in the night

Constricting its prey, 

Constricting it from moving 

The thing comes out when it wants to

You can’t control it

You want it out but it consumes every inch of you now

You don’t understand why this thing choose you specifically 

It must be because you are weak and easy to read

All of your loved ones belittle you now

It’s like they hate you

You grow distant to the ones that say you’ve changed 

You hate the ones that are supposed to support you 

You do reckless things out of instinct  

You want to kill the thing that is corrupting you 

And love the pest that haunts you 

Now find yourself ok in 10 years 

But the thing comes back like a flea on a dog 

And now you overcame the demon that was inside of you 

Poisoning you 

To you leg, then  your calf 

And now its gone 

The thing still lingers but you are controlling it now