Cameron’s Legacy


Cameron Boyce, popularly known as Luke in Disney’s “Jessie,” passed away unexpectedly in June 6th of 2019. The young 21 year old was loved by many people and grew to become a role model. He especially touched the hearts of his co-stars and best friends; Karan Brar and Sophie Reynolds. The young actors repeatedly stated, in many interviews, that his passion and strong desire to change the world for the better inspires them every day.

In fact, shortly before Cameron passed away, he accepted his win at the Thirst Gala for the Pioneering Spirit Award. This acknowledgment  derived from “The Thirst Project.” Cameron’s program is a resource used to provide safe drinking water to communities around the world. This was explained to a televised audience at the stage of the gala where he pulled the heart strings of many. Boyce made a valiant effort to explain that the planet is need of big changes by saying,  “We all go… what you leave should be bigger than you.”

This small phrase stuck with the world and was brought back up through the media a year later, during the time of his passing, to remind others of what Cameron Boyce really stood for. In fact, it inspired his loved ones to carry on his legacy by expanding another one of his projects, “Wielding Peace,” into a even greater organization. The program is now titled “The Cameron Boyce Foundation” and acts as a platform to combine all of the causes that Cameron was passionate about; spreading kindness, ending gun violence, and clean water across the world. “The Wielding Peace Project” was originally just a way to spread the word about gun violence;  people would post pictures of themselves with every day house hold objects and act as if they are wielding guns.

There are many that still participate in this protest of gun violence through “The Cameron Boyce Foundation.” Karan and Sophie have now become the young activists to take charge of expanding the program in Cameron’s place.  They whole heartily agree with his ideas for change and understand that this upcoming generation does not have to give into violence or neglect those in need. So far, they have raised over 15,ooo dollars to keep their friend and role model’s spirit alive and have encouraged many to post pictures to emphasize their need for world peace. Everyone will now know Cameron Boyce and the thing that he left behind that was bigger than himself.