Fake Prints Overtaking Online Art Markets

Art is created to have meaning. To be authentic and personal, and tell a story. Fake prints that are being created are taking away the meaning, the authenticity and the story.


For over 10 years, people have been creating fake prints of classic works from artists such as Pablo Picasso, Andy Warhol and more.


The Legal Rights Department sends take down notices to websites with fake prints everyday. This has become such a problem that the FBI art crime team has been involved and has helped investigate cases of major fraudulent pieces that are being sold. More and more pieces keep appearing on websites all over the world making it hard for those teams to find them all.


People are getting scammed. They are getting meaningless pieces of art. The artists who created the piece, like Picasso and Warhol, had a meaning behind every work of art they created. For people to take what they created and just sell it to get money takes away from the true purpose of creating art. Art is supposed to be a beautiful way of expression of how you’re feeling and what you like, and when people take others works for money, where does the true meaning of creating art go?


Art is supposed to be beautiful, whether it’s painting, drawing, sculpting, building, anything. Art is meant to be personal, and for others to enjoy, not to take for their own benefit.


The stories about these fake prints need to be more relevant in the art community so more people can be aware and be careful about what they are buying. We need to stop these scam artists from creating more prints and taking the authenticity and meaning from these important pieces.