Bushfires in Australia

For months fires have burned all across and around Australia, many taking place in New South Wales, Victoria, and Kangaroo Island. This bushfire season in particular, began to get increasingly worse in September 2019. The devastating fires have killed over 30 people and burned down thousands of building and homes.

It is estimated that nearly 1 billion animals and wildlife have been killed in the many bushfires as well. Many people have started to save Koalas by rescuing them from the fires and tending to their burns. Over 25,000 Koalas have been killed in these fires.

Multiple celebrities have donated money to help the efforts in fighting these fires including Leonardo DiCaprio and Kylie Jenner. The fires have started as a result of record-breaking heat, severe drought, and many have called out Australian leaders to take action on the issue of climate change.

Much attention has been brought to the animals that have been killed in the fires, which is important. But another large issue is that the lives of homeless people in Australia is being negatively impacted as well. Thousands of people in Australia face homelessness and the fires have become a harmful health problem for them.

Poor air quality, especially in places such as Melbourne have become increasingly worse since the fires began. Thousands are at risk of dehydration, and overheating as well as other health problems. Luckily, authorities have been offering multiple relief measures such as free access to swimming pools and councils offering cooling centers.

Much devastation have come from these continuous fires, and the homeless population of Australia faces even more difficulties during this time than normal. You can make a difference in these peoples lives by donating money to help them.