Coronavirus in the Eyes of a Government Worker

I interviewed my dad, a HR person for the government about coronavirus.

1. Has your job become easier, or harder because of coronavirus? Why?
Coronavirus has made his job harder, because he is working in a different way, and the employment impacts are huge.

2. What is the hardest thing that coronavirus has changed?
Managing employees to see if they’re doing adequate work, and the volume and hardness of work has increased.

3. What was the biggest challenge you had while facing this crisis?
The first 2 weeks were the hardest, to get things up and running.


4. How has coronavirus affected your life outside of work, and leisure time?
He likes to stay home, but he likes seeing family, so that part was hard. It is nice to connect with family through Zoom.


5. When do you think that the stay-at-home order is going to be revoked?
For Lancaster, it could be into June when it is revoked.


6. When will things be back to normal, and do you think there will be a “new normal?”Not for a year or more, and yes, it will change everyone’s behavior

7. What will change about this “new normal?” How will it be different?

There will be more acceptance of online tools, people will be used to delivery, movie theaters will become more obsolete, and people might not shake hands anymore.


8. What can the younger generation do to help?

They can help vulnerable populations, help older people, and pay attention to public health.