Impacts of the Coronavirus Interview

Today I interviewed my Mom on how the Coronavirus has affected her work life, her home life, and her personal life.

  1. What were the first thoughts that came to mind when your job told you, you were not able to come back to work until further notice?

“I was surprised and scared, um I became worried about my workload and how it’s to accumulate because we’re not there to do our regular job because I can’t do all the things I have to do at work from home and do my job effectively.”


2. Were you nervous about starting your everyday work life at home?

“Yes, very nervous um, it was very overwhelming. The change to my routine was the hardest part and having to try and figure out how I’m supposed to do my job here at home was a challenging part as well.”


3. How has the Coronavirus affected your mental health?

“Not in a good way, it’s very scary and worrisome because of having a sick person with a compromised immune system here in our home that he can get very sick, fast if we don’t take care of ourselves as best as we can to try and avoid him getting sick.”


4. When it came to groceries, what were your thoughts about having to go into a public place?

“It was nerve-wracking because it seemed like there were a lot more people in the grocery store than usual and then having to go and look for the things that you usually buy and it not being there was so frustrating.”


5. What are some of your fears about both of your daughters working in the front end of grocery stores?

“I was very nervous and not happy about it at all but I knew as long as they were taking precautions that they were going to be okay. My fear was them getting sick, that someone could come in and cough and easily transmit it but I am less scared now because their jobs give them protective gear and equipment.”


6. Are you afraid of the new normal? What is something you would change about it?

“Not being able to see my family members whenever I want is hard to do, I think it’s the freedom to do whatever we want when we wanted was kind of taken away from us so fast and now it’s harder to do any of that because of the pandemic.”


7. How has the Coronavirus affected you?

“In many ways, thankfully not financially because I still have my job and both girls are working and going to school, and just the everyday routine was ripped out from under me and it’s hard for me to process and having to relearn how to do things differently was also a hard transition, but it’s a lot better now.”