Coronavirus Interview

Interview with my mom, Heather Kinnier.

1: How has coronavirus affected your job?

Part of my job is to transition patients from hospitals and nursing facilities to their home with skilled nursing care and therapies.  Initially I was extremely busy as many places panicked and started moving patients out as fast as possible. Now that a few weeks have passed, things are exactly the opposite. Our staff is extremely slow and we are very concerned about patients who are too afraid of COVID-19 to get the care they actually need. My coworkers and I are concerned about losing our jobs as well.


2: Do you think it’s being handled well?

Overall I believe Americans have really stepped up and take pride in doing the right thing.  I believe that we need to be cautious about allowing politics to influence healthcare decisions.  I believe that that President Trump and his task force with Vice-President Pence at the helm have handled this very well.  I do not believe that the media coverage has been handled well at all. There are very few reliable sources of news that have not become propaganda for an agenda.  


3: Why do you think a lot of people are not taking this seriously?

A virus is not tangible or visible so unless you have someone in your life, or have seen first-hand how it affects people, many are unable to believe it or grasp the concept. Additionally, the misinformation and propaganda being pumped out twenty-four hours a day are causing confusion, fear, and panic in many people.  The facts are lost in the constant barrage of politics and bias in journalism today.


4: Do you think the quarantine has helped?

Yes, I believe the quarantine has helped to decrease the number of vulnerable patients who may need intensive care at the same time.  We have done so well, in fact, that our hospitals are seeing record low census numbers across the nation. Some places have to release people from quarantine and allow for some level of infection to happen.  A continued slow return will prevent our healthcare system from being overloaded if it is managed correctly. 


5: What has been the hardest part of quarantine for you?

As a healthcare provider, the hardest part is seeing patients refuse necessary care due to unnecessary fear.  As a wife and parent, the hardest part is helping my family navigate the emotions and reality of our situation right now. 


6: What things have you been doing to keep yourself busy, besides working from home?

I have been working out more than I ever thought I would, probably also because I am baking more than I usually do.  We are also getting organized around the house, and helping family and at-risk neighbors.


7: Do you think Governor Wolf is making the right calls for Pennsylvania?

I believe he started off well with the slower closing of counties based upon cases.  There are new guidelines from CDC that should allow some businesses to return to work, and I believe he should trust them to follow those guidelines.  Our healthcare system is under-utilized right now, and there are many people who need to return to care as well as to work. I think he has done well so far, but I would like to see him follow federal guidelines.