A Teenagers perspective on Corona Virus

In the midst of all the coronavirus chaos and confusion, there are so my changes to our day to day lives. The fast-paced lifestyles we all lived were quickly switched out for slow most time boring days. This all came very quickly and has taken away so much from everyone’s lives. I interviewed my classmate Jess Yeand to hear her perspective on what is happening now and how it will affect the future.


What has been your biggest change in everyday life? 

My sleep schedule 

How have you been using this time? 

I have been watching a lot movies/shows, sleeping more frequently, and working out

How has your home dynamic changed?

Everyone is around more so we get to spend more time doing things together like games, walks, movies, etc

How do you think this will affect the summer? 

I think if this whole thing gets cleared up for the summer I think people will spend much more time with their friends and won’t just sit inside all day.

Do you think the majority of people are following the new guidelines?

I think most people are following the new guidelines because it is so important in order for this virus to be controlled. Although there are still people who aren’t following the guidelines which can be upsetting to those who are.

Do you think the switch to online education will be easy for most students?

I do and I don’t, I think that most students are able to use their ipads well enough for them to get their work done. Although when not in a school setting it can sometimes be hard to complete work and feel motivated so those students might fall behind.

How do you think the shutting down of schools will affect your schooling next year? 

I think that it will make me more grateful for my school. Not only being in class but the school related activities ( Football games/student section, sports, MiniThon, etc).