Have Simpathy for the Little Ones

It is obvious that there have been multiple pandemics before the outbreak of the Corona Virus. However, there are many young children out there that have not experienced this type of tragedy, and are just now feeling the anxieties that come with them for the first time.

My 10 year old sister, Gianna, has communicated that the scariest thing to her is that people her age are not caring enough to pay attention to what is going on. She says,”I am paying attention and caring because I  have people in my life that are close to me that are high risk. Some kids that I know do not care though because they do not think that all of this is a big deal. I think that they are being very selfish.”

Gianna also gave insight on how kids her age are dealing with the new adjustments that derived from the new social distancing orders. Students from the elementary school level to soon to be college grads have had to switch their routines to online schools. They are also forced to miss out on the fun experiences of school like prom, graduation, football games, and simply just seeing your friends everyday. My sister gave her input by saying, “I don’t really like it. I would rather be at a school with real people. I also don’t remeber what we were learning at physical school and I really want to see my best friend.”

Therefore, children and young adults have experienced the same losses all around. The changes that resulted in these losses happened at such a fast rate that many assume that young children, like herself, are scared due to the lack of information and understanding. Adults, teachers especially, are wondering how their young students might feel and how much they know about the world around them. However, the young fifth grader says that the idea of a pandemic does not scare her and that as long as no one in her family gets hurt she is not worried. Although, she did add that “I know that people have been struggling to go out and there are people dying everyday. So, I am hoping this will be over soon, I do not think it will be though, because everyone is still all over the place. I am hoping I will still have my summer because I have a lot of trips planned.”

Overall quarantine has affected many people. However, there are little ones out there that might have never heard of anything like this, and could be experiencing overwhelming anxieties. They may know that sleeping in and staying home from school can be fun. But they also know people are dying everyday. They know that their families are at risk. They know they can’t contact their friends like everyone else. So have sympathy for the little ones. Gianna told her side of the story, so stop and think about what your child’s, student’s or neighbor’s could be.