2020 quarantine

As the virus increases and moves along the globe. Seniors wonder if they’ll be able to graduate or have their last moments in highschool or not. This pandemic is scary but the thing that scares the most is how greedy the public can be. As this virus goes around people freak out and run to every store and clears out every food and toilet paper available. most people have cases where the public will take a awhile stack of products at once. Taking more than one product at a time leaves non for other families and elders who actually need the products. People go to work everyday and to imagine that people work in this condition is astounding. gas stations, grocery stores, most fast food restaurants, convenient stores and hospitals are all working in this. As times get tough there’s has been times where I saw evidence of “fend for yourself” moments. But now I notice that people are caring more and staying positive. By helping people with groceries and assisting the homeless. It shows that staying postitive is critical, and that a little bit of kindness can go a long way. Especially in this environment where everyone is scared and not exactly sure what all is happening. Staying positive and helping others is all you can do.