My Corona Virus Experience

3 weeks ago when the coronavirus was really starting to get serious around here I had no idea what it would turn into. When I heard all these colleges were closing and pro sports seasons were being canceled I thought everyone was just being dramatic and this would all blow over. But now three weeks later we are all still sitting in our homes unable to go to school, work, and do normal activities.

Every day when I wake up and walk downstairs just too hear a larger number of cases in the United States and the number is even rapidly growing in Lancaster. Things are getting worse and there are still people hanging out with friends, going out multiple times a day and not following the government regulations. This is not only putting that person’s life in danger but every person that they come in contact with.

People are getting cabin fever from being in their house all day and complaining about how they miss their friends and sports. But this is a serious pandemic that has killed thousands. Instead of everyone sitting around being bored all the time do the things you never seem to have time to do.

I was super upset my lacrosse season got canceled but I decided to use this time to work on my stick skills and my coach has been sending out conditioning workouts. With all this time on everyone’s hands, we should use this time to do things we never have time to do.

You can bond with your family, watch a movie you have wanted to watch, read a book, exercise. With all this sitting around and no clear time when this will be over we can all use this time to better ourselves and improve our everyday lives.

If coronavirus can teach us anything its too look on the bright side of things. We finally have an opportunity to just relax and do nothing so take this time to do just that.