The “Silver Lining” on the Coronavirus “Cloud”

There is an old proverb, “every cloud has a silver lining” that means that there is something good in every bad situation. Almost everyone can agree, the coronavirus has been difficult on society and humankind. It is the “cloud”, the big overlying problem right now. There are several silver linings, good things that have happened because of coronavirus.
Artie Stolzfus was a kid in East Petersburg who was supposed to have a great 9th birthday. His parents had planned a trip to New York and a big family party afterwards. For obvious reasons (coronavirus) they weren’t able to go to New York or have the family birthday party. Coronavirus had again proved itself to be a big, intrusive “cloud”. Artie’s parents created a “silver lining” by posting on the East Petersburg Facebook page and asked if people would put “Happy Birthday Artie” signs in their windows. On his birthday, Artie and his family went all over East Petersburg on a scavenger hunt, where people put up signs. Some people went as far as to give him a birthday present, like the people at Geneva Bakery, a local business. They gave him a free lunch and ice cream. The people of East Petersburg gathered together to give Artie’s “cloud” a “silver lining.”