Life as a QuaranTEEN

I would be lying if I said that I was not very sad at the beginning of self-isolation. A lot of things were taken away from me due to COVID-19; I had to spend my 16th birthday alone in my room, my vacation to Florida got cancelled, my Rugby season ended, and a music festival I was hoping to attend got postponed. All of these thing happening at once had me feeling very anxious and overwhelmed, but I now know that I should be grateful that everyone in my family is safe and healthy. I am also happy to see that everyone is able to get back into some sort of a routine with school starting to become present in our lives again. My parents have been encouraging me and my sister to wake up and a reasonable time to do school and get outside to stay fit. Family walks have now become the highlight of my day, no matter how many we take. Overall, I am still a little shaken up from all this happening at such a fast speed. Although me and my friends are hoping to see each other again in June, at the latest, and I am happy I am safe. Stay home! Stay clean!