My Coronavirus Experience

If I’m being entirely honest, this whole quarantine hasn’t been as bad as I expected. It has actually been great. I know this is generally a bad time in history, so in that sense it is obviously not great, but because this is a personal account, it’s going well. I can wake up at a normal time, have a nice, completely-not-rushed breakfast, take my dog for a walk if the weather is nice (which it mostly has been), do my school stuff for the day, and then my schedule is clear, save the occasional ZOOM call. My family has been going through old home videos, which are actually funnier than any movie we could watch. I’m not super extroverted, so I don’t need to see a bunch of people every day, so that hasn’t been a problem. I try not to look at the news too much, because it will just make you depressed, eve more so than before. As a huge sports fan, this has been an interesting adjustment. I have no scores to check in the morning! I can’t fall asleep to Phillies games, or stay awake until 11 if the game is close. That’s been the hardest part of this whole experience, but I try to keep the perspective that if that’s the worst thing in my life, I’m doing fine.