Previously Overlooked Gene Could Change Future of Alzheimer’s

While researching new solutions to Alzheimer’s, it was discovered that one of the genes they had previously overlooked could be one of the causes to Alzheimer’s. The gene, Presenilin 1 (PSEN1) is now to be marked as a bio marker to help determine brain function and neuro degeneration. Methylation of the gene, PSEN1, is common in Alzheimer’s cases, leading to the curiosity of this gene. Scientists are studying DNA methylation so the gene modifications won’t be missed which could provide a start for epigenetic therapy. Not only genes but lifestyle and nutrition can effect brain function or neuro degeneration.

There’s a current study in progression of Alzheimer’s in mice that is being analyzed with the use of watching DNA patterns and modifications that affect PSEN1. They are testing blood samples in those with Alzheimer’s and comparing them to those without Alzheimer’s, trying to find any hints in the blood samples.

50 million people have Alzheimer’s right a similar dementia, and of those 50 million, only 1 in 4 have been diagnosed with the disease. The earlier that Alzheimer’s or dementia is detected the easier it is to treat, which makes scientists eager to determine a solution.

Researching and double checking genetic mutations like PSEN1 in Alzheimer’s patients brings scientists closer to finding a solution to Alzheimer’s every day.