Kaitlin Bennett


A Kent State graduate gained major social media popularity from walking the campus with an AR-10 assault rifle after receiving her diploma. She felt that she needed to go through with this protest in order to communicate the importance of gun rights and self-defense. Bennett also strongly disapproves of abortion, LGBTQ+ marriage, and gender transitioning. So, she felt as if she needed to educate herself and the internet of the views that the current college students have in order to spread her own beliefs.

Bennett recently walked throughout the campus of Ohio State venturing after students with a camera and microphone in order to ask them questions regarding these sensitive topics. However, she did not remain open minded in the slightest. Questions came up in conversation biasedly as she asked about whether or not Ohio State should provide their young adults with urinals in the women’s bathrooms and period products in the men’s bathrooms. When a student would agree with this idea, Bennett acted appalled by the statement and reacted with an offensive rhetorical question. For example she has responded by saying things like “shouldn’t they seek medical advise if they’re bleeding” or “do you think women should have the right to stand to use the bathroom.”

Students walking the campus felt as if they needed to stand up for themselves by interrupting the interviews and shouting their beliefs at Bennett. In fact, there was a crowd so big at the campus that she had to maneuver back to the parking lot following a security guard. People began to curse, throw drinks, chant, and attack her vehicle in order to get her to leave because they felt that the topics that she wanted to speak about were inappropriate. The university explained that the college students should not be punished for the actions taken toward Kaitlin Bennett because they were acting upon their first amendment right and were simply answering the questions asked. However, Ms. Bennett promises to return to the Ohio State campus in order to revenge herself and fight for her point of view to be taken into serious thought.