A Warmer Winter


Over the past few months, I’ve noticed that it hasn’t been as cold this winter. So far, school hasn’t been cancelled due to snow or weather issues. Although, there have been some 2-hour delays.

I feel as though in past winters, school has gotten cancelled at least twice per winter here in Hempfield School District. It got me thinking, why haven’t we gotten as much snow? Now I’m no meteorologist and I don’t work for the weather station.

But something tells me that it might have to do with the temperature outside. Like why is the temperature outside all over the place? One day it’s in the 20’s and others it can get up into the 50’s!

While I can’t really control the weather, but I do know that there have been mixed feelings about the warmer temperatures this winter. I know that many people- particularly younger children, miss playing outside in the snow and building snowmen.

Some miss school getting delayed and cancelled more. I personally love when school gets cancelled due to the snow, it just means that I get to sleep more.

My dog loves rolling and playing in the snow. I remember when we first brought him home 10 years ago he was so confused by the snow outside but he immediately loved it. I’ve noticed that he hasn’t really had the opportunity to play in the snow too much this season.

But for others, snow can be an absolute pain. I’ve seen people’s cars get stuck on the side of the road and they need to call AAA. It can also take people longer to get to work because they have to drive slower.

The colder temperatures, snow, and ice can cause people’s windshield wipers to snap off. And as the temperature drops, the cost to heat your home increases.

I think that there are some pros and some cons to this warmer winter. But overall, I think that it should be colder outside than it has been.