Sneakers: Copping, Reselling, Culture

Sneakers: Copping, Reselling, Culture

The sub genre of sneaker culture has taken an incredibly large space in the realm of pop culture that it’s almost impossible to ignore. Thousands of young and older people have taken the label of “sneaker heads” in order to express their love and appreciation for sneakers.

Sneaker reselling is a concept that was first brought to mainstream popularity in the 90s to present day. If you ask any sneaker head on what shoe started the reselling craze they would tell you that it was the Jordan.

Michael Jordan began his self titled brand Jordan in the early 80s, but did not begin selling shoes until 1984 with the Jordan 1. The Jordan 1 is a shoe that most sneaker heads would call near perfect, a shining example of a shoe should be. With a mix of flare as well as basketball functionialtity, the Jordan 1 still to this day is a crown jewel to any collector.

But how does sneaker reselling work? How is it possible that you can get almost any shoe that has ever been made to put in your own collection, even when stores no longer sell it?

That is where the power of the internet comes into play. Since the birth of reselling, techniques have changed on how you acquire your shoes, as well as how you know that they are real because if there is one thing a sneaker head hates it’s a fake shoe. In the early days you may have been able to find a pair of shoes through word of mouth or maybe you knew someone who was able to get the exclusives you want.

That is where the power of the internet comes into play. In the year of 2020 things are much more simple and transparent with the implementation of third party websites/apps such as StockX and Grailed. These websites are almost like online shoe stores such as the Nike or Jordan websites where you are able to look up a type of shoe and purchase it. But there are major differences between going to a website like StockX and going straight to the source.

StockX is completely ran by the users, meaning almost all products you see on the website are owned by other sneaker enthusiasts. They are able to put products online for a bid or buy price. This opens the market in a way that traditional website like can’t touch because you can get any shoe that’s ever been created, while Nike and Jordan will only be selling what’s new and relevant at the time. StockX also has their own certification system. They certify your shoes by shipping it to their facility for professionals to check for any inconsistencies in the shoe. Once it is certified it is then shipped to your home.

Reselling sneakers can be a very lucrative business, take Benjamin Kickz for example. Benjamin was a young sneaker lover who simply wanted to make money selling shoes. It began as a small operation to make himself some money and has since turned into a multimillion dollar empire. Benjamin has done so well in the resell game that he even sells shoes to A list celebrities such as, NBA YoungBoy, Quavo, Roddy Rich and many more.

Reselling can be dangerous if you don’t understand the market or have ample knowledge on shoes but can be immensely profitable for someone who can play the game and in this day in age can become someone’s living or their legacy.