Coronavirus: Is it really a big deal?

For the past weeks, new organizations have been over-emphasizing the coronavirus. Is it really worth all of that stress?


The Facts

As of Monday, March 2nd, 88 people in the US have been infected with the coronavirus. 2 people have died, about 2.27 percent of these people. Both of those people were confirmed to be elderly people with health problems. While it is bad that people died, coronavirus has about the same death rate of the flu, about 2 percent.

Don’t Be Paranoid

The flu is similar to the coronavirus in the percent of people being killed by it. The coronavirus only kills around 2 percent of people, and is by no means a death sentence. Since America is not scared of the flu, why should it be scared of the coronavirus?


Be Wary, But Not Paranoid

Americans have been panicking to try to avoid the coronavirus. Even though it is only about as dangerous as the flu, it still kills people. Elderly people, newborns, pregnant women, and people with weakened immune systems are most at risk. Most people without those conditions are probably safe from the coronavirus. Even with that, everyone should try not to get the coronavirus.


How To Avoid the Coronavirus

Even though the coronavirus is about as dangerous as the flu, everyone should try to avoid it. Obviously, avoid contact with anyone who has the coronavirus. Wash your hands, and try to avoid the West Coast. At Hempfield, we do not have to worry about the coronavirus, because it has not reached the East Coast yet. However when it does, don’t be scared and paranoid, be ready.