NYPD Removing DNA Profiles of Non-Criminals


The New York Police Department has begun the process of removing the DNA files of non criminals in the database. There are 82,000 people in the database who have not been convicted of a crime and their DNA just sits there. The NYPD wants to begin to remove the samples to make room for other samples and remove the files of those who have no criminal record or past conviction.

It is said that within the next few weeks there should be a change in who’s DNA is in the database. Even though the police are saying that, some are still skeptical. Some public defenders and civil liberties lawyers believe that there is no guarantee that these samples will actually be deleted from the system.

The New York State law says that there must be a conviction before the collection of someone’s DNA. Of those 82,000 non-criminals, minors included.

The NYPD is flagging samples to remove that have been in the database for more than two years that have not been linked to an ongoing investigation.

People finding out their DNA was in the database has given some individuals a sense of uneasiness. They are looking into streamlining the process for those who want their DNA removed from the system.

The removal of this DNA is important to let the non criminals free and those who were convicted left in the database. It gives those who are not criminals a clean slate and feeling of ease from knowing their DNA will not be used again.