Koala Contribution


Australia’s wildfire season typically begins in late January, so it is safe to say that many were shocked when their government declared a state emergency in November. The Bush Fires have burned about 25.5 million acres and have taken the lives of at least 27 citizens. The smoke  from the fires has also increased the pollution levels drastically and is the main cause of many rounds of evacuations.

However, Australian locals are not the only ones that have been rapidly disappearing rom the area. Koalas, a native species, are now on the verge of extinction. People that are not aware of the role that Koalas play in their habitat may just be sad to see a cute and cuddly creature go. Although, their instinctual ways of survival are necessary for the surrounding ecosystem to survive.

The Koala’s main food source are the eucalyptus leaves of Australia’s forests. They use their sharp claws and the advanced gripping abilities of their feet to reach this vegetation. This is very helpful for the ecosystem because it decreases the amount of plants that fuel the fires and it allows for the animals that they co-exist with to be able to consume the leaves that they drop. The Koalas feces also provide nutrients to the new generation of the forest’s trees, flowers, bushes, and other organisms.

Therefore, the fact that this species may be extinct after the Bush Fires is a very serious loss in the environment. The Australian Koala Foundation was made this year in order to save the Koalas by collecting donations from as many people that are willing to contribute to this cause. They are a non-profit and non-government oriented organization that plans to replant trees, replenish the health of the species, and map the creatures to ensure their survival. They have managed to receive one million dollars worth of donations to be able to achieve their goals, but they need more help in order to permanently take the species out of endangerment and revive their habitat.