Ahlam Ahmad al-Tamimi: The Lion of Terrorism

Isis, The Taliban, Al-Qaida, Boko Haram. All of these are deadly terrorist groups that are extremely active in Middle Eastern countries. Occasionally, these terrorist groups interact with our beloved land of the free, the USA. One of these groups that have affected the USA is the Hamas, part of this group is the most wanted woman in the world, Ahlam Ahmad al-Tamimi. 

Tamimi is a criminal mastermind. She is a bloodthirsty villain capable of despicable acts. Only three weeks before the 9/11 tragedy, she orchestrated a suicide bombing on the lovable family restaurant Sbarro Pizza in Jerusalem. This attack touched the hearts of Americans when it was revealed she killed two American citizens named Malki Roth and Shoshana Yehudit Greenbaum. Shoshana was pregnant at the time of her untimely death. 122 others were injured in this attack. 

To Americans, this would pull at anyone’s heartstrings to hear about this loss of precious human life, especially two of our own citizens and an unborn child. To Tamimi, the bloodshed was like winning the Academy Awards. Tamimi displays her trophy with honor.

As if she has just won the 200m freestyle in the Olympics, Tamimi brags about her “accomplishment” openly. She is a so-called “journalist” and is free to host her own television program in Jordan. In interviews she proudly says that she is overjoyed so many children were killed. She gushes that she picked the restaurant because it is a “family favorite”.

Tamimi is far more than just your average terrorist. She is more cunning, more deceptive, pure evil. She was only 20 when she single handedly organized the suicide bombing. She in a sense, is a prodigy at what she does. If this is not displayed in how deplorable her comments about her actions are, or how she feels no remorse, it is displayed in her genetic makeup.

 Tamimi is a woman. This is not a common even in terrorism. In many other terrorist groups, women are targets. They are stoned, beheaded, and other gruesome acts of violence or sexual violence are taken against women. This woman(Tamimi), on the other hand, is praised among her fellow men terrorists. She is not the gazelle, she is the lion.

If you do not put a lion in captivity, it is free to run the Savannah, preying on the weak. So, why is Tamimi not in her cage? The answer lies with King Abdullah(King of Jordan) and Jordanian Parliament. Tamimi was originally tried and sentenced to 16 life sentences plus 250 years, but she was set free due to a prisoner swap where Israel released over 1000 dangerous criminals in exchange for an Israeli soldier that had been captured by the Hamas. Tamimi was relocated to Jordan. 

The U.S. government filed a criminal complaint and has asked for Tamimi to be extricated(released to the U.S so she can be tried). Since she killed American citizens, she needs to be tried and punished in the U.S..  King Abduallah and the Jordanian Parliament are not signing the extrication request. They refuse to hand over Tamimi. The U.S. must press Jordan and it is legally allowed to do so. Broken families deserve justice. The lion must be sedated before it strikes again.