Fly Andy Fly on the Road to Victory

All long-term relationships grow stale and stagnant over time for one simple reason. Over time, in the midst of the daily grind and emotional roller coaster of life, it becomes so easy to fixate on the negatives, to nitpick the little things that drive you crazy.

And one of the most significant relationships for all Philadelphia sports fans: that grind and roller coaster that each season brings, highlighted by 3-hour whirlwinds each weekend from September through January.

The most prolonged stretch of success in that relationship occurred from 1999-2012. The common denominator during that period: head coach Andy Reid, who led the Birds to five NFC championship games, and one Super Bowl.

Yet by the end of that thirteenth year, despite all the great memories, the relationship had grown tenuous, with one side focusing on those nit-picky little annoying tendencies that drove fans crazy.

Clock management. Wasted timeouts.

The way Eagles fans focused on these faults, you would have thought Andy Reid was among the worst coaches in NFL history.

Now with time to step back from the daily grind and focus on the big picture, Philadelphia fans can realize how good we had it. Andy brought class, dignity, and consistency unlike Eagles football had ever seen. It is no coincidence that one of Andy’s longtime assistants, Doug Pederson, is the man who finally brought the Lombardi trophy to Philly.

And it is no surprise that Andy has continued to bring that class, dignity, and consistency to his team in Kansas City.Now with another chance at a world championship that eluded him in 2005, will Andy Reid will undoubtedly have two fan bases pulling for him: one in Kansas City grateful for finally being back in the big game after a 50-year hiatus, and one back in Philly that is grateful for the most consistent era in their beloved Eagle’s history.

Eagles great Brian Dawkins said he would “cry tears of joy” if Andy wins the Super Bowl. That about says everything you need to know about Andy Reid. In the end, all relationships thrive by looking beyond the daily details that drive you crazy and focusing more instead on the gifts the other person gives.

So, this weekend as Andy Reid’s Chiefs take the field, Eagles fans can feel a sense of pride rooting for a man who gave us so many priceless memories.

Fly Andy Fly…on the road to victory.