Trouble Across the Pond

Hong Kong has been under political unrest for months now but the recent coronavirus outbreak has heightened tensions. The citizens of the special administrative district have been craving more of a voice in the government for months. The way of life in Hong Kong has completely changed since the riots and protests started. Businesses have shut down and people aren’t visiting leaving tourism at an all-time low.
Along with violence in the streets the coronavirus has quickly swept through Hong Kong.  As of January 30, 2020 there has been 12 reported cases of coronavirus in Hong Kong. Chinese people are fleeing to Hong Kong for medical care due to the crowded and contaminated hospitals throughout China.

Carrie Lam the leader of Hong Kong is already in a tight positions due to the endless riots but the breakout have cornered her even more.

Many Hong Kong citizens are having deja vu too 2003 when the SARS epidemic was infecting hundreds a day. This disease killed over 800 people and also steamed from China.

Hong Kong is clearly a very divided state but one thing is for sure they don’t want another repeat of 2003. And if the Hong Kong administrations doesn’t do enough to stop another outbreak protests may become bloodier than we have ever seen.