Corona-Virus Interview

1.What were your thoughts when first hearing about the corona-virus?

I didn’t believe it, I didn’t think it would become as big as it is. I thought it was just gonna be another common cold or something like that.

2. When was the moment you began to take it more seriously?

Probably around the time I heard about how bad things were getting in New York. Seeing the death tolls rise was pretty scary. 

3.How have your family members reacted to it? Older family members?

They are geeked, they are taking every safety precaution possible. My friend Aggs came to hang out with me recently, when I got home they made me change my clothes immediately and lysoled me down.

4.How have you been acclimating to online school work?

I was told to do it, and I thought I would but I kept putting it off and still have not done any of it. I find it kind of pointless. 


5. How have you been passing the time indoors?

I have been watching a lot of podcasts and different shows. I never really watched things 

like that before but i’m really bored. 


6.Where do you see the world a year from now? 

I think a lot is going to happen from now to then, I really don’t understand how because it’s such a confusing time but i just feel like things are going to be very different. 


7.How have your relationships with people been affected? 

Human interaction is pretty much nonexistent, it’s all just virtual and it kinda sucks. I miss being with my friends just chilling, it’s not the same.