Effects of the Coronavirus Interview

I interviewed (not in person) one of my friends who is also a senior about their experience with the Coronavirus.

1. Did you ever expect the Coronavirus to develop into something this tragic? Or did you think that it was something small and not really something to worry about?
Response: “Well, at first I thought it was just something small and not really anything I had to worry too much about. But as the weeks progressed and the number of people who had it increased rapidly I started to realize that this isn’t something to take lightly.”

2. Are you enjoying the time off of normal school or do you miss going to school?
Response: “I enjoyed the initial 2-week break off of school. After that I started to really miss seeing  my friends (even more than I already had) and started to miss some of my teachers. I don’t really enjoy learning virtually, I’d rather learn the material in-person.”

3. Did you think that March 13th would be our last day of senior year (pretty much)?
Response: “Not at all. I did not see this whole thing coming. I really wish I had known that it was my last day or I’d have done some things differently.”

4. What are some of the most important things that you have learned from this experience with the Coronavirus pandemic?
Response: “Don’t take things for granted like being able to go out to movie theaters or restaurants or seeing your friends. Don’t take your health for granted either, even healthy people have been affected by the Coronavirus.”

5. How important is it to try and stay positive during these strange times?
Response: “Trying to stay positive is really important. I think everyone has been feeling really down over the past month and the best thing we can do is encourage each other to stay strong and that good times will come again. Encouraging words and being optimistic can go a long way and can make others  feel a little happier.”

6. When do you think this whole situation with the virus will be over?
Response: “I’m honestly not sure when it will be over, it could possibly go on into summer or even later than that.”

7. What are some upsides to this whole situation for you personally?
Response: “Well, I have gotten the opportunity to sleep more which is always a good thing.”