Coronavirus Interview – Edison Lapp

When we need an honest answer, or at least an entertaining one, we can turn to our youth. I interviewed the youngest member of our household about his quarantine experience. Edison Lapp (age 7 1/2), is obviously very well-educated on the current situation. When asked about why we are self-quarantining, he responded, “So we don’t get the coronavirus”. Edison has been making the best of his extensive free time, playing Legos and wiffle ball, and playing with his brothers. He enjoys not having to physically go to school because he can “get done faster because I don’t have to explain answers and do homework and ride the bus and all that crazy stuff”. The pandemic isn’t all fun and games though. Edison misses Phys Ed because he can “play football with my class and beat them pretty easily”. Unfortunately, this is not the case at home, where he is at least three years younger than any other participant. He struggles to not fight with his brothers, which I can’t disagree with. Edison also misses eating in restaurants. If he could eat at any restaurant right now, it would be “Fuddruckers, because their burgers are epic and they have cheese sauce”. During these times, we all have our burden to bear. For some of us, it is not being able to dominate football or eat at Fuddruckers.