How Corona has Affected Me and My Opinion


While 2020 got off to a wild and sad start, with threats of a potential third world war and later the passing of the legendary Kobe Bryant the world thought it couldn’t get much worse, until it did. What originally started off as something no worse than the flu has spiraled out of control and has several countries on lock down. Corona virus has impacted every single person’s life in one or more ways, with some more affected than others.

For me personally it has changed only a few things and I consider myself lucky it has not impacted me further. The only things that have changed for me is I am unable to work as I work at a restaurant and my position of running food to tables currently is out of work because of the carry out only rule. Secondly I am not allowed out of the house to go out and do things with my friends as I was before which is a real bummer.

School to me is not built to be done online and we are seeing that as kids have trouble logging on to schoology to get work done and have conflicting live class times forcing them to choose one or the other, hopefully if this must go on longer it will be improved upon.

While it is nice to be able to kick back and not always be scrambling around, I’ve never missed school or work more. My father and I have worked on a home bathroom renovation which has helped give me something productive to do I feel like I have nothing to do most of the time.

Personally I feel this situation was not handled properly by the government, and as a result some people are still not taking the precautionary steps necessary to help prevent the spread of the virus.

Firstly the downplay of the virus by the U.S. government is something we will look back on with scorn as this whole situation was botched from the beginning, with the White House calling this nothing more than the flu. That is not at all what this has turned out to be, with the entire country of Italy on lock down and the majority of U.S. states having stay at home orders.

With misinformation like that coming directly form the White House caused many to not to take this situation seriously and as a result it has spread and we are now at over 200,000 cases in the US alone.

This is going to go down as one of the worst pandemics in the history of the world and it could’ve been slowed down if people had taken this issue seriously. Millions of peoples lives are now impacted by this and it only seems to be getting worse, it is an overall sad time for the world and this will forever change how we handle worldwide health crises for the better.