NFL CBA: Will they get it right

Sep 30, 2018; Foxborough, MA, USA; New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady (12) warms up before the start of the game against the Miami Dolphins at Gillette Stadium. Mandatory Credit: David Butler II-USA TODAY Sports

The big discussion this week has been about the NFL Collective Bargaining Agreement. It seems as though the NFL and the players can not find a way to reach an agreement on this deal.

Now lets talk about what is in this deal. First and most noticeable would be that it would include adding a 17th game to the season for each team as well as adding another team to the playoffs for each conference. The NFL is attempting to do this in order to make more money off merchandise, tv deals etc.

Now lots of players don’t want this because of the safety issue. Most players feel as though the current 16 games is hard enough so this is where the biggest disagreement comes in.

Now on the money side of things some players who aren’t making as much money as the stars feel like this extra game check is worth it. But the issue is the team representatives who are voting are mostly the ones who aren’t quite making the lower salaries.

This is where arguments come up because the other big part of this deal. The players would get an increased share from 47% to 48% for 16 games and then 48.5% once the 17 game schedule goes into effect. This would raise the league minimum pay and in total would shift $5 billion dollars in revenue to the players.

Now the players have been vocal about not liking this deal but the thing is they have provided no reasons for it. This is why lots of people and even I am siding with the NFL. Until we hear more details about why this deal isn’t good I can’t  justify siding with the players. I believe that majority of these players think this is a good deal but the only ones who matter are the representatives who are voting.

This deal seems to benefit the players who are on the bottom of the of the roster in terms of salary. Until we receive more details of what is involved in the CBA we can’t really know what the issue is that the players have. Hopefully however a deal can be reached that benefits both sides especially the players.