45 Pennsylvanians Charged With Welfare Fraud

in December  almost a quarter million dollars $240,125.40 to be precise, Was stolen from the state of Pennsylvania, whose responsible? Forty five  people were charged with welfare fraud. Welfare fraud  is theft under the state criminal law. Thirty five of these forty five cases resulted in 3rd degree felonies. If found guilty the maximum sentence is up to 7 years in jail and a fifteen thousand dollar fine. In addition to all of that, 10 misdemeanor cases were given out due to public benefits fraud. The big question I’m asking is, as a resident of the beautiful and plain state of Pennsylvania, who is really responsible? Obviously the criminals broke the law and they deserve what happens to them legally, but is the government at fault too ? At fault because they can’t come up ways to prevent this, I’m not saying we stop helping low income citizens out but what I’m saying is, if we can prevent this from happening and come up with a new way to help, that quarter million dollars would help.