It May be Awhile Before We See Another Double Division Winner in the UFC


Since 2016 when Conor McGregor made history by being the first fighter to ever hold two different belts at once many UFC fans have urned to see a bout between current belt holders but it may be awhile before we get one.

Recently while on the “Joe Rogan Experience” current welterweight (170 lbs) Champion and most likely candidate to transcend weight classes, Kamaru Usman said he would “never fight Khabib” who is the current lightweight (155 lbs) champion out of respect as the two train together.

When asked about a possible bout against fellow Nigerian fighter and middleweight (185 lbs) champion, Israel Adesanya he said couldn’t see himself fighting him either. Usman said “Having two belts in Nigeria is better than having just one guy holding two belts.” While the UFC has seen many fighters of many nationalities Usman and Adesanya made history as the two first African born champions in UFC history.

Winning a belt in the UFC is an immense challenge in itself but to be able to transcend weight classes to fight another current champion is a whole new challenge. Fighters have to gain or cut weight to make the new divisions weight requirements and still be able to fight at peak level as the guys they are challenging are the best of that class and don’t have to change their routine.

Even if a fighter win two belts they now to not only defend the belt in their original weight class but now have to defend the title in the second weight class or risk forfeiting the second title as the UFC doesn’t want the division to be stalled by a fighter unwilling or unable to defend the title.

The UFC should encourage more fighters to look beyond their own weight class and promote the idea of super fights. These big ticket fights will help push the sport more into the mainstream focus of sports media. The UFC already allows fighters to express themselves and be loud and have strong personalities, which creates strong rivalries and could really work in the sports favor as it becomes easier to sell these fighters to a more general audience as seen with international superstar Conor McGregor.

So while I and many others would love to see another super fight, unfortunately it may be a long time before we see another fight the caliber of Conor McGregor vs Eddie Alvarez in 2016.