Puerto Rico’s Repeating Earthquakes

Since December 28th of 2018, Puerto Rico has had a couple of ground shaking scares. Leaving people dead, buildings crumbled down, major flooding and multiple power cuts. These natural disasters are causing families to flee from Puerto Rico for their own safety. As people fear for the worst, they give up their destroyed homes and move into their own cars and vans! Struggling to survive through these hard times by cooperating with fellow neighbors on what’s for dinner, and discussing on what to do next through this disaster. I think this situation is a repeating tragedy and the people in Puerto Rico need as much help and support as they can possibly get. January 25 2020, a 5.0 earthquake hit Puerto Rico and many other islands surrounding it.

Hundreds of people were evacuated from their homes left with no where to go. People traveled over to Puerto Rico to help rebuild houses and put these families lives back together as they were before.