Americans Are Getting More Stupid



Americans are being controlled by social media and fake news. The top election fake news stories were read more than actual mainstream news. More and more Americans are going to social media for news and entertainment. People are being informed by partisan media, such as Fox News or CNN. We as Americans need to fix this.


Not only big political leaders and some adults are stupid. People at a local level are also to blame. In Hempfield High School, people do stupid stuff, like pulling the fire alarm in the middle of the school day. People know that they are going to get in trouble, but they do it anyway. A kid licked a table in the lunchroom, just because he felt like it. As students, we should help with the problem.


With any problem, including this, there are solutions. In the local level, parents could encourage kids to not do anything stupid. Schools could inform kids about stupidity and common sense. The national level can be fixed by schools teaching kids skills like how to spot fake news, and not to believe everything they see online. If every school taught kids these things, America would be less stupid.