BallHot FishScale: Ghetto Wishes

BallHot FishScale: Ghetto Wishes

BallHot FishScale, a Florida native who will do whatever it takes to break into the music industry. BallHot has been a minor Instagram celebrity with his freestyles over various beats, including Drakes “Nice For What”.

Over the last few years Mr.FishScale has expressed his desire to try and break into the mainstream of the music industry and go beyond the traditional freestyles found on his Instagram page. With this decision, BallHot FishScale has blessed his fans with his first official track called “Ghetto Wishes”. BallHot first reference the track being finished on May 13th of 2019, but it was not released until January of 2020.

”Ghetto Wishes” is FishScales first attempt at a traditional track and feels like an open letter in a way, as he expresses how he has had to hustle in the past to get his bag. On the first line of the song FishScale exclaims “Yeah jumped in the water head first, I was 13 ten toes in the dirt”. This is in reference to FishScale doing whatever is necessary for his survival and his times spent in less than desirable situations, like struggling and finessing. Later BallHot says: “I sold my soul to the dope game, weed, molly and cocaine, I done sold it all, tryna blow up propane”. In this line, FishScale reflects on his time spent selling narcotics in order to provide for him and his family and doing what must be done.

”Ghetto Wishes” may be BallHot FishScales first song but you would have no idea. The production helps to enhance FishScales unorthodox flows but the lyrics of the song are all you truly need in order to understand BallHot as an artist.

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