Bringing Boxing Back: Wilder Vs Fury

Bringing Boxing Back: Wilder Vs Fury

This Saturday night is one of the biggest heavyweight championship fights we’ve ever seen. Undefeated heavyweight champion Deontay Wilder who is 42-0 will defend his belt against Tyson Fury who has a professional record of 28-0.

This is the fight that everyone has been clambering to see ever since their first bout in December of 2018 ended in a split decision draw. There are split opinions as to who really won that fight but one things for sure, it was a spectacle.

This weekends fight between two decorated fighters will be more then just a fight for the gold. But also an opportunity to put the heavyweight division and also boxing as a whole back into the mainstream popularity it once was in.

The state of the heavyweight division of boxing is in a great place right now with obviously Wilder and Fury but also other big time fighters such as Anthony Joshua as well as great depth with guys such as Andy Ruiz  and Luis Ortiz.

If you look at the previous fight there’s some obvious take away for both fighters.

First for Fury the big one is that some how he was able to get up after taking a massive right hand and finished the fight. Up to that point in the fight he had done a great job of avoiding big shots from Wilder with feinting and moving around the ring.

For Wilder one must think about the fact that the whole fight he didn’t seem to be fazed by Fury’s hands. Yes Fury landed some good punches but none that seemed to really put the champ in danger.

The big question for this fight on everyone’s mind has to be does it make it to the 12th round and more importantly that final bell. Fury predicted that this fight wouldn’t make it past the second round but we are still yet to see him really rock the champ.

Meanwhile we know the power of the knockout artist Wilder. He has women 41 of his fights by KO and 35 of those came in the first round so there’s no concern of a weakness in that category.

Theres no question how ever as to who the more polished boxer is as while Wilder is seen as more of just the puncher with some heavy hands we have seen the athleticism of Fury. There were times in the first fight were Fury was able to move and evade punches and make Wilder look like a amateur.

So what prevails? The crafty polished and awkward style of Fury or the raw power and dominate right hand of Wilder. As of when this blog was written Wilder by KO seems to be the favorite by the Vegas odd makers. No one will know however until Saturday night. This is truly a fight that people should at least pay attention to and one that could bring boxing back to its previous popularity with two truly great fighters.