McGregor vs Cerrone: a Retrospective


With UFC 246 McGregor vs Cerrone firmly in the rear view mirror it’s time to take a step back and take a second look at this wild fight. This fight showed UFC fans a lot.

Firstly the return of “The Notorious” Conor McGregor did not disappoint. McGregor came out swinging, missing a strong straight punch but quickly turned that into a barrage of shoulder strikes, which likely fractured or broke Cerrone’s nose.

McGregor looked strong and didn’t even mess up his hair by the end of the fight as Cerrone struggled to lay a finger on him. McGregor looked fast and that the time spent out of the ring really benefitted him. It allowed him to heal up and rebuild his strength.

The future for McGregor looks bright again, as he is set to fight again in April or May not getting an immediate title shot and having to work his way back up the totem pole. It likely will not be very long before we see Conor hoisting a belt again.

The future for Cowboy on the other hand is not as bright. Cerrone has been fighting professionally since 2009 and made his UFC debut in 2011. While some fighters have great longevity Cowboy’s time may soon be up.

Cowboy is recognizable figure among UFC fighters for his distinct personality and tendency for winning but those days may soon be gone.

Cerrone is now likely going to become a middle of the rankings challenger for young, up and coming fighters to face as a solid test on their way up the rankings. Many other recognizable names took on this role later in their career as they still desired to fight but were not good enough to hold the title.

While one fight does not tell the whole tale about fighters it can give a good idea about where their career may be heading.

Conor is on the path to success again and Cowboy, while he may be around for years to come may not be ranked as high as he once was.