A Sushi Sin: Hempfield High School Sushi Review

A Sushi Sin:  Hempfield High School Sushi Review

I magine…you are sinking your teeth into a delectable California Roll. A scrumptious combination of sweet avocado, refreshing cucumber, satisfying nori, and savory imitation crab meat. This was not my experience when eating the California roll.

    Hempfield High School has recently started selling “sushi” in the cafeteria. The student body and staff were skeptical as this is an ambitious endeavor to begin selling raw food in a high school cafeteria. As a frequent fry buyer and a participating member of the student body, my suspicion was this would break my California  Roll dreams. 

    For the sake of journalism, I forced myself to make my way to the snack bar to pick out my death sentence. All I could think was Botulism, E-coli, Norovirus, Salmonella. With trembling fingers, I hesitantly typed my student ID to confirm my purchase of one package of Spicy Crab Roll and one package of California Roll. The lunch lady gave me a reassuring smile. It was 10 dollars cumulatively, which is very expensive for lunchroom cuisine. This gave me a sense of hope, that perhaps the high price would save my stomach.  

    As I begrudgingly sat down at my lunch table, my peers were appalled at my purchase. As I endured the humiliation of buying raw fish from a high school cafeteria, I simply smiled as I opened my packet of soy sauce. Impressively, a few of my friends were intrigued and eager to watch me try it. Perhaps one brave soul would try it with me. I poured the salty, synthetic concoction onto the package lid, I realized the moment was upon us.

I started with the California Roll. I dipped it into the soy sauce and bit into the poison. I was disgusted. The consistency was horrendous as the rice was far too sticky. The filling was bitter and the texture was unappealing. I did swallow the monstrosity, which puts it at a 1.5/10 for me. Next in line was the Spicy Crab Roll. My hope had dissolved. 

    I unenthusiastically put the Spicy Crab Roll to my lips and took a bite. What I tasted was…pleasant. The spiciness was right on the mark, the consistency was significantly improved, and the stale flavor of the rice was undetected, masked by the excellence of the spices. I did not wish to eat another one, but this was palatable. Impressive. My peers began to try the crab roll, all flabbergasted at the difference between the putrid, stale, California Roll and this charming little crab roll they had just tasted. Some of my classmates even asked for seconds or thirds, promising to buy it the next day. Overall a 5.5/10. 

    Overall, Hempfield has missed the mark on the California Roll, but the Spicy Crab Roll made me feel as if I was “Under the Sea”. I would also like to commend the cafeteria staff. They are kind and helpful. Unlike stereotypes, they are pleased to be there and are lovely ladies to interact with. I applaud Hempfield for attempting to diversify our cafeteria choices, but perhaps sushi should be left to finer dining establishments. I recommend every student try the Spicy Crab Roll for themselves and thank the cafeteria staff that tries their best to please us.