Difference in Opinions

Opinions run wild everywhere in the world. Everyone has their right of freedom of speech to speak on whatever they’d like. For example, you may think chocolate cake is way tastier then vanilla cake and your friend thinks the opposite.

In the Super Bowl 2020 Chiefs vs. 49s, the half show had 2 Latina singers perform, Shakira and Jennifer Lopez. They did their thing, looked great in their outfits, and danced their butts off! But many others think differently. They would say that it was very inappropriate, disgusting and definitely not for kids! In other words, it was unnecesary to be performed for all to see. 2 very different opinions from 2 different perspectives!

Another example is when Kobe Bryant had died. Some people felt very bad for him and his family. Saying nobody deserves to die like that especially along side of your daughter. Then, we got he negative side that brings up long ago rape charges. Speaks statements like “He deserved that” or “He made it out the easy way”, this is a very wrong statement but in the first amendment you have freedom of speech, which is legal.

Everyone has a right to their opinion no matter what the situation is! You have to respect it no matter what and move on.