7 die from infections linked to black tar heroin


In San Diego County seven people have died in the last two months from infections linked to injections of Black Tar Heroin. A bacterial infection called myonecrosis caused many deaths associated from black tar heroin use. There were people taken to the hospital and admitted with severe myonecrosis. After injecting the drug on October 2 and November 24. These seven individuals were ages nineteen to fifty seven years old. This bacterial infection causes the destruction of muscles. It could also cause damage to soft tissue or an infection within the soft tissue. “Symptoms of myonecrosis can include severe pain in the area of injections, blisters, skin that turns grey, dark red or black, and it can cause shock and lead to amputations or death,” the health department said. “Overdose deaths linked to the drug increase five-fold from 2010-2017,” according to The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.