Opinion: Is Plastic the Best Choice?

Alexis Mohler

Water. It’s the essential nutrient for the human body to have daily. Plastic water bottles are an easy way to have water with you at all times. It’s easy to go on bike rides, a hike, a day at the beach, with the plastic water to stay hydrated. 


 It’s a great way to stay hydrated throughout the day. But what happens when that plastic bottle is empty and no longer useful to people. 


“80 percent of the plastic water bottles we end in landfills” Confirmed Healthyhumanlife.com.  With that number being over half is very upsetting.  Having so many plastic bottles end up in landfills, is very harmful to the plant. 


Plastic water bottles definitely are a stable water bottle. Even with all the designs and different kinds there are, they have been around for a long time. They have dated all the way since 4000BC when tribes and civilizations would keep their after in large casks or urns. 


Throughout the years glass, stainless steel, etc. Were created for carrying water. But it was pricey. Plastic bottles were the cheaper alternative to those options. 


In the 1960s, a material of the name Polyethylene was used. It was a cheaper, lightweight option. It even was used to make fun shapes. 


Water bottles since starting all the way to the 1950s even earlier have been making new and efficient water bottles. Companies like ETS Express, Polar Bottle, S’well, Gatorade, and many more have made new versions of water bottles. 


Just in the last couple of years companies have made ways to get people from all over the world clean, safe, drinking water. 


Pur Ultimate Water Dispenser, is a water container to have in your refrigerator or just in the kitchen. It’s a filtered water dispenser that filters your water. 


Make the water have a clean, refreshing taste, and make it safe. Another company LARQ. The company has developed a water bottle that self cleans your water bottle itself and also the water. Due to its water purification system. 


As you can see, water bottles have turned a corner for greatness. Companies are making an efficient way to give people safe, clean drinking water. But also making water to stop landfills from piling up with plastic water bottles. 


Even with companies taking action on the waste of plastic water bottles, teens and children are making using reusable water bottles fun. Adding stickers,  is one of the many ways people can customize their water bottles.