Climate Change


Tyler Doyle

With only a pen, President Joe Biden has already drastically changed the way the US will treat the climate. However, one big question remains: has Biden gone too far, or not far enough?


On his first day in office Biden began the process for the US to rejoin the Paris Climate Accord, as well as canceling the Keystone XL pipeline.


Overall climate activists seem to be pleased with how he’s acting towards this issue.

One piece, that’s been bolstered by progressives, still lacks Biden’s support, which is the Green New Deal. 


The Green New Deal is a resolution created to try and limit gas emissions from humans, and to achieve net zero global emissions by the year 2050. It was created as an idea to prevent loss of money, infrastructure, and even human life. 


Saving human lives is definitely something I consider important. Extreme heat can kill people. Just because someone comes from a poorer country, or even lower class in a wealthy country, doesn’t mean they should just die. 


Personally, I feel like it’s a good start, however, it isn’t enough, 


Assuming Congress is able to get the GND passed, without Biden’s support it’s at risk of being vetoed. Vetoing the GND would essentially kill it, because there definitely is not a ⅔ majority to override the veto. 


Biden certainly has a good start when it comes to addressing climate change, but more can definitely be done.