Jill Biden’s Promise of Free Tuition


Elizabeth Henry

Is this feasible and practical? How does the cost of college impact today’s teens

First lady Jill Biden has proposed free tuition for community colleges around America. Now, some might think this is impossible. Paid Tuition is what runs these schools, people say.

            The reason why making college tuition free is possible, is because there are plenty of billionaires in our country who can fund schools and lose money very slowly. Tuition is much more expensive than it was back in the 1960’s. And the fact that the working wage raised by only about 14% while college tuition raised by 114% since 1960 is extremely unfair; even unethical, one may argue. 

            Middle-to-low-class Workers are paid extremely little to be able to afford college and not be in debt for years afterwards. High-class citizens and millionaires/billionaires who profit off of exploitation, capitalism, and lower taxation don’t have to worry as much about paying for college and most other things. 

            Making community college free would possibly be quite a process, but plenty of people could fund schools like that. The reason it would be a process is because it directly opposes what our economy is built on: capitalism. 

            But, if capitalism must so thrive, it will still thrive if we make community colleges free. As said before, billionaires who are part of the country can fund schools and not lose much money. 

            What teenagers who are in their junior or senior year of high school worry about the most when graduating and choosing a college, is the cost. The cost of tuition is beyond what any middle to low class student can afford without having to pay years and years of debt. 

            This puts extreme stress on students who are looking for schools to continue their education. Students want to be able to pay their bills, buy a house/apartment, buy a car, and save for retirement without having to worry about mounds of college debt. 

            Asking those with large amounts of money (i.e. billionaires, millionaires) to pay taxes or even fund colleges is very plausible. They aren’t taxed extra, but president Biden said that anyone who makes over 400k a year must be taxed more, and part of those extra taxes can absolutely go towards funding schools and colleges to make them much less expensive, and take the stress of of weary students’ shoulders.